Embark on a Mythical Adventure: Great North Museum Teams Up with Coatsink for Interactive Exhibition!

The Great North Museum: Hancock is proud to announce a new partnership with Coatsink, a Gateshead-based game development studio, for its latest exhibition, ‘Myth Quest: Monsters and Mortals’. This interactive exhibition will take visitors on a thrilling journey through myths and legends, using live-action gameplay to explore the museum and complete quests.

The exhibit begins with the story of Mary Hancock, the sister of the museum’s original founders, who discovered a way to travel through space and time. She encountered many monsters and magical artifacts through her journeys through the Parallel, and visitors will take on the role of an adventurer exploring the same mysterious realm.

After choosing a magical item to help them on their quest, visitors will embark on one of three interactive adventures – through the Foggy Forest of Forgettings, the Serpentine Sea of the Sirens, or the Moody Mountains of the Monsters – to uncover all the secrets of the Parallel and become a true hero. Those who complete their quest will earn their place in the ‘Myth Quest Hall of Heroes’, where they can learn more about all the fascinating objects, magical animals, mythical creatures, and quirky characters they encountered on their journey.

Coatsink, a versatile development studio and indie publisher, has created two games for the exhibition’s gaming space – PHOGS! and Astronimo – which visitors can try out after completing their quests. Coatsink has built its reputation on exciting and innovative titles and a wicked sense of humor.

Tom Beardsmore, CEO at Coatsink, said, “With Coatsink being rooted within the North East, it’s a real honor to be the headline sponsor of the Myth Quest exhibit at the Great North Museum: Hancock. We hope you will be able to continue your adventure and enjoy some of our games after discovering your destiny in the Myth Quest Hall of Heroes.”

Adam Goldwater, Manager of the Great North Museum: Hancock, added, “We’re really excited to have Coatsink as our headline sponsor of the Myth Quest exhibition. This is the first time we’ve created a visitor experience based on gamification, so it’s ideal that we’ve been able to gain support from an amazing game developer, which also has local roots.”

‘Myth Quest: Monsters and Mortals’ will be running from March 25, 2023, until September 3, 2023. This exciting exhibition promises to be an immersive and interactive experience, perfect for families and individuals of all ages. Don’t miss your chance to become a hero and explore the mysteries of the Parallel at the Great North Museum: Hancock.


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