Mark Your Calendars: UK’s Emergency Alerts System National Test on April 23rd at 3pm!

The new Emergency Alerts system, launched by the UK government, is now active. This system allows individuals to receive notifications on their mobile phones during life-threatening situations.

The system will be used to provide warnings for emergencies such as severe floods.

Emergency Alerts will be delivered to all compatible 4G and 5G mobile phones within a risk zone. The alerts do not require your location, phone number, or personal data, and only the government and emergency services can send them. If you don’t possess a mobile phone, you will still be informed via alternative channels.

When you receive an Emergency Alert, your phone will emit a loud, siren-like noise, and a message will appear on your screen detailing the emergency and providing guidance on how to react. To verify the alert’s authenticity, visit If you get an alert, read it attentively and follow the instructions.

National Test
The system will undergo a national test at 3pm on Sunday, 23 April.

Opting Out
Although it is possible to opt out of Emergency Alerts, we strongly advise against doing so, as the system is designed to alert you when lives are at risk.

To opt out, search for “emergency alerts” in your device settings and disable the alerts. If this method is unsuccessful, contact your device manufacturer for assistance.

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