Additional Closures Added to Jesmond East Neighbourhood Low Traffic Zone Scheme

Following consultations with emergency services and feedback from residents, Newcastle City Council is implementing additional closures in Jesmond East neighbourhood to mitigate traffic displacement as part of its low traffic zone trial. The council aims to prevent through traffic using residential streets between Osborne Road and Cradlewell.

Traffic Displacement and New Measures

Since the scheme’s installation in early March, the council has monitored the impact of traffic on surrounding streets, noting increases on Jesmond Dene Road, Grosvenor Road, Grosvenor Avenue, and Akenside Terrace. To address these issues, the council will implement further mitigation measures using Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs). These include closures on Jesmond Dene Road near the junction with Grosvenor Road, and on Akenside Terrace near the junction with Jesmond Road.

Consultation with Emergency Services

A spokesperson for Newcastle City Council explained that during neighbourhood low traffic zone trials, the council also monitors the impact on surrounding streets, making changes as required. The mitigation measures, developed in consultation with emergency services, aim to restrict through traffic as some drivers may attempt to avoid the closures and use local streets instead of sticking to routes designed for higher traffic volumes.

Existing and New Closures

The additional measures will complement the existing closures on Manor House Road and its junctions with Osborne Avenue, Shortridge Terrace, Buston Terrace, Cavendish Road, and at the entrance to Manor House Road Back Lane and the junction of Manor House Road (opposite the back lane of Queens Road and Fern Avenue). These closures are part of an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO). The council will also add more signage to provide advance warning of the closures.

Public Consultation and Feedback

A six-month public consultation on the ETRO scheme is underway until 10 September. Feedback from the consultation, along with data collected, will determine whether the scheme becomes permanent. More information is available at


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